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Cascade Credit Services has successfully verified various inventories using remote procedures as part of a collateral exam since the start of the pandemic with its associated closures and travel restrictions. The following remarks assume the Lender and Borrower/Client have approved remote procedures...
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We are open for Business!
All of Our Services are Available and All of our Locations Are Open  

It is our primary goal as a company to keep each of our Team Members, and all our Clients, safe and to carry on our business consistent with health and safety amid current and coming developments....
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During the Covid-19 pandemic collateral exam work has transitioned to remote work in most cases. In the rare event where circumstances require that an examiner go onsite, the following protocols are mandated for all Cascade employees: 

• Physical and social distancing: Stay at least six feet – a...
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Thursday, July 23rd, 12:00 - 12:30 PM via Zoom

In these times of challenge and change, leaders and teams need to connect on-camera with Confidence. With the right training, everyone on the team can tap into new energy, and learn skills to inspire and perform at their best in a remote environment. Thi...
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Collateral Exam vs CPA Audit, What's The Difference?
Borrowers sometimes say, “I get an audit 1 of our financial statements from our CPA each year. Why do the Collateral Examiners need to come out to our offices and do the same thing?”. 

Companies borrowing on their trade receivables and inventories under a line of credit with their Lender are sub...
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