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    Cascade Credit is celebrating over 25 years of excellence! We have a skilled team of experienced staff and examiners who are experts at conducting collateral exams in a timely manner, and who prioritize client safety and security.
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As collateral examiners, we work to foster a collaborative team environment between the Lender, Borrower, and our Staff.

Timely Reports

We promise to deliver expert, timely collateral exam reports that result in successful risk management and due diligence strategies.

Data Security

We pride ourselves on our enterprise cloud-based security, keeping sensitive files and information secure both on-site and remotely.

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What Is a Collateral Exam?

A Collateral Examination or Field Examination is:
An analysis and written evaluation of a borrower’s collateral, focused primarily on accounts receivable and inventory.

Borrowers sometimes say, “I get an audit of our financial statements from our CPA each year. Why do the Collateral Examiners need to come out to our offices and do the same thing?” Want to learn about the difference between a CPA Audit and an Asset-Based Lending Collateral Exam? Click below!

Accounts Receivable

Most ABL Collateral Exams use Accounts Receivable as their primary collateral. 


While typically advanced at a lower rate than Accounts Receivable, Inventory is a key part of collateral pools.

Lender Relationships

We help lenders through their due diligence & their unique underwriting strategies.

Who We Work With

We maintain confidential relationships with over 50 lenders nation wide with a mix of large, small, community, and ABL institutions

Our Service, Summarized

We represent out lenders and take a look at more than just the numbers. We adapt to the requirements and scope of each assignment

Our Exam Management Team

Your clients are in good hands

The Cascade Credit Services client team prides itself on its understanding of clients’ industries and businesses. We offer unsurpassed responsiveness, dedication and professional expertise. Each member of the team brings extensive experience garnered both at CCS and at top financial institutions.

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President & CEO

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Exam Services Manager

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Chief Operating Officer

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Exam Review Manager

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Admin Manager

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