Cascade Credit Services, LLC
Supporting Lender - Borrower Partnerships Through Collateral Exams


Lender Relationships

We help lenders through the due diligence phase leading to an underwriting strategy. CCS maintains confidential relationships with over 50 lenders, including the nation’s largest financial institutions, asset based lenders and regional and community banks.

We view ourselves as collaborators with our lenders. We represent them in the field. We find out as much as possible about the deal ahead of time so that we can be aware of what the lender already knows about the borrower and the deal. We establish rapport with the borrower before we go on site. 

Our goal is to put the borrower at ease and to understand the borrower’s “reason for existence” in a loan risk context. More than just looking at numbers, we want to understand how people manage those numbers. During the course of the exam we continually check in with the borrower and keep the lender updated so that all parties are kept abreast of the findings as we move through the exam.

Industry Experience

  • Agriculture (Wine & Other)
  • Construction
  • Specialty Finance
  • Food Processing
  • Forest Products
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology & Software

What We Do

Cascade Credit Services      (CCS for short) provides collateral examination services covering accounts receivable and inventory loans made by lenders in the USA and Canada with staff located throughout the region. Since 1995 Cascade has developed expertise that reflects the specific needs of lenders serving a multitude of industries.


Individualized Scope and Service

In order to best serve our diverse clientele, Cascade adapts to the requirements and scope of each assignment and each business relationship using a flexible-scope format that can accommodate the reporting and requirements of specific lenders.

Community Involvement

As a leader in the Asset-Based Lending industry, Cascade Credit teaches classes, hosts seminars, and is a part of several banking & lending communities. Want us at your next event or want to schedule a seminar with your ABL staff? Contact us at:

Next-Gen Collateral Exams

Staff at Cascade is constantly improving our systems to securely and efficiently conduct collateral exams, whether in the field or on a remote basis. To read more about our security and technology policies, click below.